Just a small selection of the vehicles that have passed through our gates..


August 1967 panelvan..soon to be returning to Germany

1962 RHD Karmann Ghia 1500 with updates..SOLD

BELTEK!-1954 Barndoor panelvan..sold

Sweet Sienna Brown '74 Bug, completely restored. Narrowed & dropped at the front & fitted with Ercos. Full TMI interior. 2.1 litre power out back..SOLD..

Australian 1966 RHD Crewcab..Sold

Tough '68 bug, lowered on BRMs. Speedwell interior, buckets, woodrim. All- action 1776 out back..SOLD

Marathon Blue 72 type 412 Variant Square, and 73 Eriba Pan...both SOLD

1956 Californian Panel van in Satin Dove Blue with 1776..sold

Stock '71 1600 LHD Karmann Ghia. Sold to Norway..

1971 RHD Karmann Ghia...straight bodywork & GOLD replacement 1600TP engine...SOLD

November 1960 15window walkthrough..NOW SOLD

Excellent 411 Square, with Porsche teledials & leather interior. Stock 1700 motor...SOLD

Swedish import '66 double door camper. Rock solid with stock 1500 motor..SOLD

1989 Mk2 Sunroof 1600 Golf

Lovely '76 Devon, super straight & fresh paint. Stock ride height & 1600 motor...SOLD

March 1952 RHD 214 panelvan project...SOLD

Near-perfect '70 Westfalia NOW SOLD!..

1951 'Barndoor' camper..now SOLD

1989 Mk2 Golf. 3 Door in black with big bumpers & Teardrop allys...SOLD!

..bit of a PUP, this one!!...

Nice '70 Devon Camper, fully kitted, stock 1600..SOLD

21 window samba

...just another Old Dog...