All sorts of early parts for aircooled Type 1's & Type 2s.. ..looking for a specific EARLY part?- use the form on the CONTACT page...


..A pair or vgc late Split/Early bay rear light housings in good , working state with all tabs & bright reflective surfaces. Also with a pair of original Hella red/amber lenses in good, used condition. No rubbers or bulbs, hence £30 - SOLD! ( please message for pics)

ONE ONLY good condition 14" Late Split bus wheel with all clips-£25 collected- SOLD

Early bay springplates PLUS Horseshoe plates-SOLD TO DENMARK!!....enquire for pics..

Early Bay OG front backing plates , £50 the pair- enquire for pics..

..Early Bay towbar , with no fittings, in fresh paint , ..please mail/ring for pics..NOW SOLD!

..Pair of 55-67 Splitscreen doortop frames in VGC, needing minimal repair & including quarterlight window catches. In primer only £200 the pair- please ring/mail for photos..BOTH NOW SOLD!

..Good, used,OG, working post 55 Splitscreen internal domelight, complete, including bulbs; with original GHE lens..only £sold

..Replacement, OG , GHE lens for the above - some marking, but NO cracks or breaks -£sold

..Karmann Ghia seat set in RED Basket weave , front & rear seats , bothe rear panels & one door card. All seat material is in A1 condition with NO tears ; however there are three areas of seam rending on the front two seats - all vertical & can be seen in the pictures - NOT dramatic & easily taped over, but equally easily repaired (* we CAN have this done for you at extra cost*) . Rear seat is an absolute gem & looks hardly used, comes with top catch & bottom hinges- front seats have all rails & levers & top release levers, too. Still with original German upholsterers labels in bases.
Please see pics for details - £NOW ALL SOLD!

..Set of repro KDF Cog hubcaps for vintage 15" wheels- obviously used, 2 with grey paint. (£75 ea at KK, new)-SOLD!

..A pair of post 55 Bus headlights complete, in VGC. Double rivet rims with VW stamped Hella lenses & early patterning- see pics for details - £SOLD

..ONE ONLY, Original 52-55 Barndoor wiper arm & base- well used. Some rust , but complete, as shown, bar blade-£50

..Original Barndoor T handle for engine lid, in NOS condition . With used escutcheon, as shown- now sold

..ALSO Barndoor engine lid lock ( fits >58 busses)- stamped
211 829 211- fully operative -SOLD!

shown with T handle..

..1953 ONLY Barndoor heater knob in ivory with sleeve- damaged but well repaired & fully operable- SUPER rare , original -£50

..TWO N.O.S.Bosch 6 fuse fuseboxes for 1952/53 Barndoor busses..still boxed-NOW SOLD!

..Barndoor cargo door handles, inner & outer- inner gen., outer repro, sold as a pair-SOLD!

..Escutcheon to suit above handles, fitted to a Barndoor Kombi or Standard- SUPERB original condition..£SOLD!

..Genuine used Barndoor mirror arm , as shown. Requires slight tweak to straighten. Available with repro stainless fixing screws..SOLD

..Locking cab door handle with keys( repro Barndoor bus 52-55)-211 837 205B- also non-locking handle-113 837 206 ( gen vw split/oval beetle or post 52 Barndoor bus), sold as a 'pair' or separately ; both fully operable-SOLD

..Barndoor internal lights; original GHE Bakelite bases & GHE lenses, as shown, require minor parts ( includes rare, used, cards)- ALL SOLD!

..ORIGINAL Barndoor Cab bench seat back cover- tan with black piping. VGC , except for tears to 2 corners & 1 wayward section of piping - padding in place & intact, stitching good, material soft & pliable....SOLD

..Pair of short SPOON latches for Early Split Bus pop outs- some pitting that will most likely polish out , complete & fully functional- SOLD ..

..Pair of Oval ribbed cab door handles in good, used condition (fit Barndoor)-£20ea

..2 Pairs of genuine original escutcheons for the above handles in good used condition....£10 ea

..Used Deluxe Split Bus ashtray- coded 221 857 403A -in very nice overall condition, but with a couple of tiny dents in the bottom- hence -NOW SOLD!

..GOLDE sunroof operating handle in EXCELLENT condition, & including original screws- £sold

..Another American "Swamp Cooler" in primer- ready for paint , &/or pinstriping. Complete, & sold

..Extended Semaphore switch to suit a Barndoor; 5" top to base, uncranked arm painted black ( some paint loss) with off- white knob.
3 screw attachment & movement is still stiff so very little use/ all-but NOS..£SOLD!

..Front ribbed bumper from 1950s Split Bus- please email for pictures..£ NOW SOLD!!..

..Pair of good, used, GENUINE VW Oval beetle door handles, complete with freshly cut Huff key . Both have a modicom of pitting , but are totally usable on your daily; all fully functioning with good, strong springs - see pics for exact condition- £NOW SOLD , INCLUDING KEY(!)

..Classic American Swamp cooler for your ride- solid all round with good paint, new rubbers & strut- the pictures say it all!..SOLD!

..12/57 dated Karmann Ghia Lowlight clock; VGC besides some pitting to the Hands- otherwise AOK..£100-NOW SOLD!

..Post Barndoor cargo door mechanism, in good, used, working order- carries the BUM 211.841.705A engraving & logo..£sold

..Splitscreen Panelvan cab divider 55-67 in good, used condition , with the modicom of patina!..A little water damage to the bottom, but still with the original fixing holes, Securit glass & OG rubber AND the original rubber seal for the airbox!..REALLY hard to find, a steal at £now sold

..Early Barndoor or Oval 100mm Fuel tank cap- in VGC. Well covered in a grey paint , no rust issues or deformation, 'BLAU' stamping & original seal-SOLD!

...another now available with surface rust, but sound, including an NOS rubber seal- NOW ALSO SOLD!

..A pair of VGC Hella Barndoor lenses- stamped K1509 . LET THE PICTURES TELL THE STORY -SOLD!..others available

..1950S Split bus front under cab tray for LHD vehicle, in good, solid condition. A 2p size hole & one other small perforation the only negatives- NOT hacked, still with all original fixing holes ..£NOW SOLD!

..Barndoor bus interior cab door handle in LOVELY condition, with no pitting- stamped with Huf & 211.417..£SOLD

..Another Oval/Barndoor interior door handle, VW stamped , with a modicom of pitting , otherwise VGC..£SOLD

..Oval window beetle Hella 'Snowflake' has an internal craze which does not detract from the function or look.Also with the hard-to-find bulb holder..£NOW SOLD!

...Karmann Ghia 'Bullet' indicator lenses NOW IN- Clear, unbranded plastic, heavyweight quality- £NOW SOLD OUT-ORANGE NOW AVAILABALE!

..Randar rear number plate light shrouds for Pre-'59 Busses now BACK IN STOCK in limited numbers.These are rough cast units & come with fixing screws & lens screws. We can also source suitable lenses, if required...£SOLD OUT!

SUPER RARE Australian rear indicator lenses & bezels for a split bus 58-61 in SUPERB used condition. One shows some interior crazing, but otherwise perfect-bezels in good, used condition-£NOW SOLD

Repro Talbot style 'Bullet' mirror , BNIB, with all fittings; box price £35.25- NOW SOLD

Nice Deluxe Split Bus ashtray ( 221857403A) with two tiny dings to the front- otherwise excellent used. Includes seperate mounting plate -£SOLD

Pair of post 57 Beetle window winders , in VGC, with cream knobs, now with escutcheons & backing springs and 'matching' levers - NOW SOLD- Only 2 door handles left-one gen. £10, one repro £5

VERY good condition keyless T handle; branded VW & Huff 113827565, with only a couple of TINY pitting marks - could well be NOS-thread perfect..£SOLD

VERY good condition keyed T handle, without barrel; branded VW & Huff 113827571, has cleaned up beautifully since photos-COULD be NOS-thread perfect & unused..£SOLD

Chromed late Beetle LHS quarterlight with glass & catch in good condition..£15-NOW £10!

NOS 36 Horse oil filler complete. Unused & spotless inside!..£SOLD

Two "Junior" Pyrene period fire extinguishers ( obviously untested & for display); one with bracket & still with liquid, DATED 61-£20 -SOLD! without , but with 'brass' logo, DATED 54- also £SOLD!
-Later, larger model now also sold

Hella horn grille, complete in good condition..SOLD

Hella horn grille, without tag & missing some of the rear mesh..SOLD

TWO Split beetle/Zwitter/early Oval bonnet props in VERY good, working condition. Both in original paint , though one has been partially over sprayed ( easily removed) ; metallic blue/grey & metallic light green in colour.£SOLD OUT

A pair of extremely rare 'Heart' tail light bulb assemblies for Oval Beetle. In good used, & useable , condition, they have a smattering of surface rust, & are exactly as shown..£70-now £50pr-SOLD!

..another pair of repro door scraper seals, unused..£5-SOLD

..'pair' of well used Oval front drums and spindles complete -ready for refurb £now sold

Another pair of Oval spindles for refurb- one includes backing plate-£30

Pair of well used Oval front drums, 2" deep, including bearings & caps..sold

..Beetle side window glass in very good condition; One piece marked 'BE VW' & the other 'DELODOUR VW Sekurit'..£35 each or £60 for both- now £50pr

..SUPER-RARE large SEKURIT SPLIT Beetle driver's door glass with NO quarterlight & notched at top front..£now sold

A pair of Oval doors in good, useable condition. Offered with an extra door for repairs- £pending

Early wide 5 brake drums , both front & rear, all in very good, useable condition- now sold.

30 Horse fanshroud in OG paint; no serious rust , straight & true..-sold -ANOTHER, WITH A SMALL DING , NOW SOLD

.. VW ignition switch, in good, working order; no key & missing 2 terminal screws, but clearly marked 'VW' & '50, 30 & 15/54'..£10

..Post 55 Split bus interior light base .Complete & fully functioning..£10 SOLD

Spares or repairs winder arm in excellent condition, but missing Knob- see pics ..£5 SOLD

Choice of two number plate light lenses; one Hella K2848, inc original seal (lense needs cleaning)-£15 now £5; the other is a Hassia K12806 in good order-£10, now £5-NOW ALL SOLD!

..Spares or repairs; original large Hella Oval headlight with broken lens, but otherwise complete..£SOLD

NOS Boxed 6V 'impulsgeber' flasher relay; SWF and VW branded- Part no.141941581A..£SOLD

Split bus cab door mechanism, OG, pre-64..£5-sold

Oval bonnet handle-not cast type- with ding that may press out..'ratlook'?..£5

Two pairs of 'ratty' window winders for later Beetles- one with grey knobs, the other cream-£10 a pair..cream remain

Early Beetle fuel cap, 90mm..£10-sold

Unused repro Oval knuckle guard-£5

Pre-64 Split bus cab door mechanism- NOS Wolfsburg West part-£10-SOLD

Oval bug ash tray front, green..£10

Late Beetle door handle with push button, but no lock barrel; in EXCELLENT condition it has 113837205 c/206b on the underside..£SOLD

TWO later Oval & pre 61 beetle bonnet props in equally good , working , condition , in Baby blue or Dove blue..£25 each-Dove Blue only left

Pair of Oval bonnet 'hinges'..£10

30 Horse engine cylinder tin ( one only) blasted, ready for paint-£10

..NOS FRONT DOOR WINDOW FRAME WEATHERSTRIP, seals top of window assembly to body, fits left and right, made by Wolfsburg West -PAIR-£10 SOLD

.. NOS Late Beetle engine seal, 66-71 Bug or Bus..£8 SOLD

..A choice of OG seals for Early Beetle rear lights..£5 EA

..Driving in colder climes?- OG fan ring as fitted to some European engines. Reduces air rate into engine, making it run hotter; attaches to rear of fan..£10

..a choice of original speedo cables-many more in stock- send us your length & we'll match it..poa

..NOS Italian made accelerator cable for Early Bay window bus..£5

..6 Volt battery cover- £SOLD

..NEW IN , a pair of 'repro' Red rear lenses for US spec 1955-1958 busses; embossed with ' Hella' & 'SBL 17 ', they are nigh-on perfect & being cast in plastic, almost unbreakable...£SOLD-To France

..A pair of Barndoor window catches NOW IN !-These are known as 'One-eyed mice ' or 'Butterfly catches' & are in GOOD USED condition, with EXCELLENT chrome . NOT show condition, but VERY GOOD & OG, NOT repro. As shown..£NOW SOLD

..Choice of 2 30hp fan shrouds ,in good condition £20,&30hp front tin VGC..£20 -mail for pics

..pair of Barndoor springplates-1954...£30 ea..

..a choice of Barndoor repro mirror arms
First a PWR copy of a 53>55 RHS arm complete, in paint..£SOLD

Second the LHS pre-53 repro arm from Beltek. USED, but in Good condition ; the bracket features elongated holes for adjustment
..£40-mail for pics

Ali mirror for the above; light use & patina- no scuffs or dents

..6v battery cover with light surface rust , but PLENTY of original paint, still. 2 Standard exits & internal rubber still intact.
Pics to follow- £15..

..SUPERB American 'Swamp Cooler' by Sears Roebuck & co, in VGC with ALL original parts , including pull string, rod etc. Minimal paint loss & a tiny patch of surface rust, but otherwise PERFECT-NO dings , holes or bits missing.This 'Car cooler & humidifier' is in original silver paint SOLD!..OTHERS AVAILABLE..

Late Barndoor deluxe gearshift & heater knobs..both in well used condition..BOTH SOLD..

Barndoor bus front door mechanism, in good, working order.Has 'B.u.M', VW & L211.035 stampings.Mechanism unoiled , but still free moving...$OLD

Genuine VW lock barrel & pair of original, matching keys. AKS stamp one side, 15MO28 on the other...£SOLD-Sweden

Genuine Hella Bus rear lights 63-72. VGC with as new lenses stamped 'Hella Made in Germany'. Complete with seals & bulbs in backing units.... £SOLD

Pre 55 Barndoor Bus fuel tap & tank screen. VW stamped & used original-POA- $OLD

Bra for early bus. Will fit any split, Barndoor > ; easily modified for indicators. Strap fixings , so no permanent changes to your van neccessary...£45..NOW SOLD!

..Clear needle , trip bus MPH speedo for sale. Only 11000 miles since rebuild; shows 2-58 (?) on rear. VGC - only slight surface rust is on fixing plate shown.Fully operative with nothing missing or adrift. SUPER rare..£250-NOW SOLD!

..Early bus internal cargo door handle. Good condition with no marking or rust, just very minor stippling. Marked 221841641 & vw logo to rear..SOLD

Complete 58 30bhp engine for your bug or bus resto. Only thing missing/damaged are the bottom tubes of the exhaust...£250 -NOW SOLD!

..Barndoor fuel tank, 1953-55. Very good condition, with surface rust.Comes with ( dented )cap & can be supplied with fuel tap & screen at further cost..SOLD..

Pair of OG Hella glass Oval tail light lenses;- A1, unmarked..£50-NOW SOLD

This LOVELY period Braunschweig IV FM 12v model radio is perfect for your ride. An original VW fitment,it has the genuine VW part number 111 035 109C stamped into the case. Cosmetically the original VW faceplate is very nice, but there is a small 'chip' in the lower right part of the plastic screen (see pic). The faceplate does not illuminate (probably just needs a new bulb).
It also features a DIN socket on the rear so you can connect your iPod or MP3 player and play your digital audio files through the classic radio.Buttons select Long or Medium wave, as well as FM.
Please note the clip fittings at the side , which allow the unit to slide into a standard radio aperture- dimensions are 170mm x 40mm.
...£70 ono..also available with IPod ( or mp3) connecting DIN lead for an additional £30..SOLD

October 52 Barndoor speedo. Bought to repair, but since bought another. No glass or needle, but otherwise complete & functional.Will need replacement seals with new glass....-NOW SOLD!

Early Barndoor 115mm filler cap; good alround condition, needs new seal ..£15..NOW SOLD

Barndoor starter handle rear valance;appears to have been repaired & is completely solid, some light surface rust....£SOLD

Barndoor ignition switch barrel & key, as above...£25...NOW SOLD

54-55 Barndoor fuse block in VGC.Slight rust to 3 screws, otherwise A1.Inc. original wiring instruction paper; No cover....£SOLD

..Late Barndoor Semaphores-N.O.S.!-Good as new!!...SOLD

Barndoor cargo lock, inc handle...SOLD

..Barndoor replica indicator switch in PERFECT working order with serated bezel nut & black knob...£15..NOW SOLD

..Karmann Ghia bonnet -early 70's model- in PERFECT condition. Complete with latch-lock. NO dents or rust ( discolouration in pic is surface dirt). Straight as a die....£65 collected-now SOLD!

..Original RHD Canterbury Pitt interior parts-Availible as one lot or individual parts. Not being used in current upgrade, so up for sale...SOLD!

..Hella accessory Barndoor indicator (n.o.s.?); cranked, longer arm , for ease of use...SOLD!

Barndoor RHS window latch- missing top tab, as are most of them- complete with backing plate & screw..£15...SOLD