Want to spice up your Aircooled motive power?..just let us know what you're after.. ..to place an order for ANY part, or enquire about availibility please go to the CONTACT page..

..Weber ICT 34s complete with linkage , manifolds and all tubing. Jetted for 1600 engine- just plug & play! £200 ( photos on request)

..Choice of two as new performance coils £30 ea ( pics on request)

..Bare 009 dizzy £25 ( pics on request)

..Stainless Mondo silencer and merged header, light use, excellent all round condition..NOW SOLD!

..Berg shifter for LHD Early Bay - NOW SOLD

..Unbranded Bell Housing carb linkage with Rose jointed ends for use with twin carbs on Type 1 or 2 engine..only £35..pics on demand..

..Stock 1600 barrels & pistons ( uprate your 1300) ...come with rings fitted, but suggest a new set . NOW SOLD

..USED CSP shifter for RHD Karmann Ghia , 60% reduction model in SUPERB condition. £200 new at Machine 7, this one now SOLD

..Pair of genuine Italian 40mm DRLA Dellorto carbs with manifolds, hexbar & 6" filters, 4" ramstacks- currently awaiting soda blasting, rebuild kits & assembly..

..USED pair of CSP bolt-up rocker covers in Ali; no damage, bar a little black paint flaking; complete with gasket channel. £125 new from Machine 7; £SOLD!.

..Beetle/Karmann Ghia beam , as new; Slamwerks manufacture, 4" narrower than stock. As shown, except now sprayed black- includes adjusters , but NO leaves. Not needed , now, for our Ghia , as current set up successfully modified.....£220-NOW SOLD!

..Customised, stock Bug exhaust for sale; was designed & manufactured to fit a Karmann Cabrio ( Beetle) rear valance. 100%solid-£SOLD

1835 longblock , now SOLD!

..Single Weber 44 IDF with manifold kit for 1776+ engine- as seen; £150-NOW SOLD!

..VW fitment brake servo kit- complete ( with original packaging)- to fit any air cooled VW-£150-NOW SOLD!

..Mondo exhaust; Bugpack small flange fitting - was £60 , now £50 & SOLD!

..BNIB Chrome Alternator stand , with gasket-£now sold

..Beltek's engine ..

BAS Porsche-style fanshroud with 11 blade fan & 55a alternator
Scat degree pulley
One-off custom deck tinware
Oil cooler blank-off & full flow oil system with Berg pump. Dual radiators with Mesa fan, manually operated. HP1 cartridge oil filter system.
Oil temp & pressure gauge senders used alongside stock light sender.
Vented stainless Scat rocker covers.
CB Bandito 041 heads with dual springs ; 1.4:1 ratio rockers & C-M pushrods.
FK8 cam with Scat lube lifters *.
90.5 pistons on a 76mm crank give 1955cc.
Polished ports matched to polished manifolds.
Twin 44 IDF Webers* with 4" ramstacks & 6" filters.
CB Performance electric fuel pump & filter.
CSP carb linkage .
009 dizzy with Pertronix 2 electronic ignition.Chrome Pertronix coil. 8mm Taylor leads.
Lightened & balanced flywheel. Stock clutch with HD disc.
(VW Speedshop-supplied) All stainless A1 style exhaust system , modded for bus use by South Coast Wagenwerks..
engine was completely rebuilt last year,at great expense, with new cam & followers & completely checked through. Carbs were rebuilt with many new parts.
Engine has done less than 3k since then
SOLD : )

..Good used Bosch Regulator for dynamo app. in EXCELLENT condition..£SOLD

..NEW IN ..CSP carb linkage for use with Porsche cooling fan. Hardly used & complete; as fitted to Beltek..£SOLD

..Front gearbox support strap kit, complete; looks unused ..£15-SOLD

..Universal rear engine tin without heater hose, with pre heats- new in wrapper..£10-SOLD

..Bay window tank; excellent replacement for Split screen tank, with larger capacity. In good , all round condtion, complete with felts AND original sender- £SOLD!

Gene Berg deep sump.Removed from performance engine, with NO damage.Gene Berg cast into underside; @ 1.5 litre cpacity. Comes with all internal fixings, but no extension tube...£SOLD!

Type 4 detachable alternator stand ( that should have sold with the shroud, below!)..only surface furring , no damage...SOLD

..AS NEW type 4 Porsche fan housing for 2litre bus engine...NOW SOLD

..black enamelled stock alternator stand for the above..SOLD

We can supply parts to jolly up your 'old' 1600/1641
...bring the best out of your thumping 1776
Supply complete turn-key units, such as the 2095 Behemoth that powers Steve Lawrie's BWA & Prize-winning Samba ( VW Camper & Commercial issue 25)
...or a complete 2.4 , 6 cylinder Porsche motor from a 1972 911T