..always in stock. Quality used American drinks coolers from the 50's, 60's & 70's.. ..to place an order, or make any enquiry, please see the CONTACT page..

.. in a variety of sizes, colours, brands & prices..

..MORE stock now in!- individual items will be added as they come out of Winter storage- including some Coca cola , Pepsi & Coleman

.. Large Coleman cooler now in!
Beige/brown, in good, useable condition- £80 ea...mail for pics

..NEW IN! 50s Coca Cola Airline cooler with some patina. Rod handled version with original bottle opener & drainage cap & chain in place. Embossed Progress logos on two sides & Coca Cola decals which appear fresh. Good, solid little cooler..Sorry, SOLD!

..Vintage 60's Royal Cola chest type cooler in Aluminium with perfect red soft top. VGC , with no major dings, & obviously no rust! It is, however, missing the catch & has some damage
to the underside of the lid- Neither of which detract from its looks or function...please mail for more pictures .price NOW SOLD!

..Latest delivery includes a Classic Coca cola cooler from Progress.
It HAS been repainted- not brilliantly-and it does have a ding on one face ( marked with some black paint) BUT..it is otherwise in great all-round condition with a super-solid base, and comes with a tray & the bottle opener & drainage stopper. NO RUST ANYWHERE. The solid round handle indicates it to be an early model- it has a 'dent' to pass the bottle opener ), so 1950s vintage.It is all there & generally nice & straight,8 out of 10...NOW SOLD

..1960s Coke cooler is SUPERB used condition, with only a couple of minor dings and paint loss and NO rust!!One of the more cuboid designs with a pair of lever locks to the lid and a tight seal, this is a late metal model, with good thermal efficiency.With some nice age marks and a little patina , it still has the original drainage cap and tag and features a bottle opener on the side and a pair of carry handles with their original grips. The bottom is solid and rust free , inside and out!.This little gem is NOW SOLD!...

..ANOTHER 1960s Coca cola cooler- this ones a little earlier with the full logo and in dimpled aluminium. Once again, in good, used condition with the minimum of dings and obviously, NO RUST!Twin carry handles and a pair of positive latches with a good seal , as above make this lightweight very useable.The lid has been sat on, as is often the case, but at least that saves you being precious about perching upon it !..that, and the missing drainage cap keep the price down to a sensible £now sold

..A real PATINA King just in!
'Later' version of the Classic Dr.Pepper Progress cooler in good, used condition. VERY little surface rust, plenty of scratches , but only one major ding to the body (see pics). Comes complete with early rounded handle , original drain plug and chain ,bottle opener and well dented lid! Bottom is super-solid inside & out with NO rust. A SUPERB addition to your roofrack or camper kit; hard to find , price takes into consideration wear ,tear & patina-ONLY £NOW SOLD!..

..70'S Coleman upright cooler NOW IN STOCK! Can be stood up , or laid down, Trunk-style, complete with shelves & ice storage unit. Features removable rails for upright standing, cam lock door for SUPERB seal & generally all-round EXCELLENT condition with NO dents, rust or cracks- ONLY £100, mail for pics..NOW SOLD!

..PATINA PERFECT 60s Coca cola Progress cooler, NOW IN!Has the later flat handle & no corner caps. In VERY good used condition, complete with lid & original drain plug & chain, & bottle opener, it has a couple of light dings & some surface rust all around . The inside is dry & solid but there are a couple TINY holes to the base, along with a ding in one corner ( photo). But all-in-all a great, Patina'd , cooler for your ride or home display; TOTALLY usable -NOW SOLD!

..A couple of Ali Thermaster coolers now in stock, in good, used condition. The best is shown, & benefits from having the original seal & drain plug
& a good sealing handle. Unfortunately now missing its decals, & having the minimum of dings & patina, & obviously NO RUST! ONLY £65 ( other £55)-Best one sold, other remains- NOW SOLD!

..A couple of Coca cola Progress coolers, from the 50s , with a little patina , now SOLD!..

..NEW IN !..Repro small 'Bud Light' trunk in VGC. Excellent paintwork with no dents, scratches or rust. SUPERB lid seal & lock & featuring bottle opener & logo to front..SOLD!

..EXCELLENT ROYAL CROWN COLA /Kampkold cooler now in!..A real anomaly this one ; very similar in many ways to Kampkold coolers we have had in the past ( & LOVED!) , BUT embossed with the RCC logo & " best by taste test". SUPER-SOLD with the modicum of patina & a couple of small dings. Ali all in sound, bright condition with VGC locking handle & original seal. Drain plug in base is seized, but that's no real problem. Overall, a VERY SOUND 'Streamline' cooler, with saught after branding ..we'll be using this ourselves til it sells!..NOW SOLD!

..Fresh in from a 'lifetime' of storage! An all-ali NESBITTs trunk with MUCHO patina! Has had a good deal of water marking over the decades , but is solid & sound, despite. A couple of small pin prick holes to the lid is the only lasting damage & they don't affect the cooler's performance. STILL with all the original features- twin handles & bottle openers , both ( secure) locks , original seal in EXCELLENT condition & the original drain plug, even if it is corroded shut! There is only one noticeable ding ( pictured) to one end, which may well pull out & does not affect the performance, or the internal dimensions at all. The embossed logo still holds its ( orange) paint well & this is a relatively rare brand- so well worth £buying-SOLD!

..Damaged in transit!..this lovely painted Coca Cola chest is otherwise an absolute GEM! featuring all the normal good kit , with handles at each end & bottle openers, it still sports the original drainage plug. Lid seal is EXCELLENT & the cooled chamber is not penetrated by the external damage- the pictures show all £150 reduced to £110 & SOLD!

..40/50S Coca Cola Airline cooler NOW IN!..In good, used condition with EXCELLENT Patina ,it has no rustthroughs,minimalpaint loss & the odd ding. Still with its original seal, drainage cap & chain & bottle opener...Now SOLD!..

..A new addition; a well used all ali Kampkold cooler. With an excellent seal & the standard double locking handles , this baby is sure to keep you srink COLD! This example also features the folding seperator to allow drink & foodto be stored , along with bottles of wine/beer. Ready to be used & sat on at Barbeques, NOW SOLD!

..New in this week , two 7up coolers; One is a Tall-boy in VGC with nice patina , no rust & minimal paint loss . With tray , now SOLD!

Second is a standard size Progress cooler that has been repaired & repainted; it comes with a tray & has no structural rust, but a few dings, NOW SOLD!

..FRESH IN- Sweet 1950's 7up cooler by Progress. ROCK SOLID wth no rust, minimal paint loss & MAXIMUM patina. Straight all round, with no major dents , still with original drain plug. These are getting VERY hard to find..£NOW SOLD

..NOW IN!- Schlitz ali trunk ..Undoubtably someone's favourite seat for countless barbeques over the decades of its existence, this rare Schlitz branded cooler is steped in patina. Stil with its original drain plug & chain, a lock & handles at each end & corresponding bottle openers, it is complete & fully functional as a good weekend drinks cooler. The perfect adornment for your roof rack, & a much sort after brand, yours for only £NOW SOLD

..NEW IN!-Towering Hawthorne all-ali cooler in SUPERB condition. Near-perfect all round & just needing a clean & polish, this cooler is in almost show condition. With a stippled lid, dual locks, handles & bottle openers the super-straight outside prepares you for the quite awesome inside which appears almost unused. It ALSO feature the original food/drink seperator AND the double day tray for use whe the cooler is open. The original seal is still in place &, needless to say, works perfectly, as does the original drain plug & chain, along with the original drain tube for melt water. An all-round GEM , NOW SOLD

..FRESH IN!-Superb Little Brown Cooler in VERY good condition & 100% complete. Featuring not only its original logo & lock, but also the drain plug & ORIGINAL seal in A1 condition ; & as a bonus the original fitment ice pick & a bottle opener too! Almost unused condition inside is mirrored by very good condition paint outside with NO rust & the minimum of paint loss...all for only £SOLD!

..California Imported classic Coca cola ice chest from the 50's. The rarer 'Fishtail' logo'd design on a pressed steel case, with double handles & bottle openers ,& the lock & pivot seal system, this beauty also comes with its original drain plug & retainer . Inside , the much sought-after food tray is still present in what is a near-perfect interior. With a couple of pressure dings & a little paint loss to the edges, but NO rusting, this cooler looks every inch the period piece...a snip at £NOW SOLD!

..Cronco Ali trunk , made by Cronstoms, in VERY good condition, showing little wear for its 50-odd years. All-Ali construction, with handle that locks lid shut whist carrying. A scuff or two , & a tiny pressure ding, otherwise PERFECT. Features original drain plug & bottle openers, NOW SOLD..

..Fresh in , a well used & Patina'd 1950's 7up cooler by Progress. If it could only talk, what tales it would tell!!..with a smattering of surface rust & a couple of small dings this super-solid cooler will look just fine IN or ON your ride. No signs of rust inside & with a single scab to the base, the only flaw is the rust in areas of the bottom lip; but with the original handle , lid ,& drainage stopper ,but no tray, this baby is NOW SOLD..

.. NOW in- Dr.Pepper cooler under refurbishment..mail NOW for more details..NOW SOLD!

..NUMERO TRES-The 'BIG' 'Little Brown Chest'!..measures up at 71x34x33 cm! In VGC , it has a smattering of surface rust in a very few places, but NO scratches or dents. The inside is as clean as the out, the only external features being the two carry handles & the original drainage spout..£100 ONO-now sold!

..Just a piece of Roofrack Decoration?-But still functional & practical!..well used is the best description, but with a good seal & strong locks , this light, aluminium trunk could be the perfect answer for those shows or camping trips.Only major dent is in the top, where it has obviously been sat on, & with its rugged construction obviously can be again! Could do with a clean & is missing the spout cap, but includes the saught-after food/drink divider & a snip at £SOLD

..NEW in - a lightly patina'd & super-straight 7up Progress cooler. This beauty has only ONE light ding to the front , otherwise STRAIGHT as ; it still features the original tray & spigot. NO rust issues with SUPERB Aluminium detail features...ONLY £NOW SOLD!

..CLASSIC!-SUPER-RARE Dr.Pepper Tall boy now in! NO tray , but otherwise complete, including original stopper ; with SUPERB Patina from a long life.ENTIRELY solid with NO rust, an absolute icon - mail to secure..£SOLD!

..NOW IN..Skotch Revelation cooler from the 60's. In good all round condition this baby apes the Classic Coke styling.With the minimum of paint loss & patina , it is 100% sound & has only minimal, surface , rust. Seal is EXCELLENT , & handle fit tight. Inside of lid still bears original instructions & cooler inside is clean & very usable.
With bottle opener & original water drain intact , this gem benefits from having NO dents- please see pics..£SOLD

..ONE of a trio of 'Little Brown Chest's , this is the smallest , in solid condition , featuring a good smattering of patina.
COMPLETE with original bottle opener & ice pick it also features a tray for food- read one sandwich!. Super-clean inside combines with their standard clasp to ensure that this baby is 100% usable...£SOLD

..TWO of the trio, is the medium sized one in VERY good condition with EXCELLENT paint outside & NO dings. Inside it is clean as a whistle & still features its original bottle opener & ice pick AND a very nice tray! Slightly uprated spec mean that this one also features a drain, which still has its original plug..all in all a LOVELY cooler..£SOLD

..Nice little SKYLANDER Ali cooler- 19 x 11.5 x 10" NOW IN. With excellent spring loaded catch , original drain plug, securing chain & can opener still in place. Handles at either end also feature bottle openers, & inside is nice & clean. Nice all-round condition with only a couple of small dings- £SOLD

..NOW IN -super solid late 60'S/early 70's Thermos chest in Turquoise. VERY, VERY straight with very little paint loss , but sporting Patina scabs to the lid, this Holiday ice chest bears a 'Made in the U.S.A' logo. Bottle openers on both ends, original screw drain & an airtight clamp lock externally, with original ( VERY SHALLOW!) tray inside. VERY, VERY straight & capacious at 22" x 13" x 13"..£SOLD

..Excellent Thermos Coke cooler NOW IN! VERY nice all-round condition , with a couple of tiny dings that do nothing to detract from the form & function of this beauty!..A SUPERB seal is ensured by the firm 'cam-lok' latch & the inside is clean & undamaged.Still has original drain cap & bottle openers. As pics..£SOLD

..In NOW..23" x 13" x 13 1/2"
Ribbed 50's Kampkold 'Airstream',VGC-£SOLD
( will be used as the Boss's cooler meantime!)

..Fresh in-SUPERB Little Brown cooler in VGC and almost UNUSED! Complete with EVERY original accessory & in full working order, this is a real find! Still with original drain plug & superb catch, too, all fittings are stiff, as new ( check out the hinges!). Galvanised interior looks new & all interior metalwork is sparkling clean.Comes with sandwich box & food tray, original ice pick & bottle opener still in place . This Gem is a snip at £SOLD

..New in ,Progress Coca Cola Cooler. Has obviously had a happy family life & has been repainted. The handle hints at its age with its patina & the lid is in a contrasting off white. Fixed opener & drain plug are in place & both the interior & bottom are rustless & sound & the lid shuts tight. The modicom of patina & a scattering of light dings mean this is a bargain at £SOLD.

..All ali cooler NOW IN - 1970's vintage with a fully ribbed exterior & wood-grained top-Now ID'd as a Sear's ali cooler. Handles on both ends & 1 bottle opener; the lock is the 'cam' type which progressively tightens up the seal. Interior is 'thermos'-type plastic & unspoilt, with polystyrene liner. Couple of minor dings , hence..£SOLD

..1950s CAVALIER Coca cola cooler in SUPERB condition NOW IN! VERY straight condition with EXCELLENT original paint & features, including;- original food tray still inside, original drain plug still on chain & original Starr Coca cola bottle opener on end. Couple of minor dings, scratches & minor spots of paint loss- bottom worn & surface rusted from use; inside has some classic 'furring' which will doubtless come off with a good cleaning. Lid features sturdy carry handle & 2 clamp locks with additional carry handles. Rare in this complete condition -NOW £SOLD!

..PERFECT PATINA! with this 60s 'Porta-Fridge' 7up steel trunk. In great, undamaged condition it has minimal paint loss & a superb sheen of surface rust - NONE substantial or structural, & will probably clean off with Tcut , should you wish to. Features 2 carry handles on ends with bottle openers & excellent spring loaded closers- also has origial drainage spout . Is ribbed all over & the lid will happily take sitting on , without distortion. Inside it features a 'Coleman' plastic liner, in VERY GOOD, clean condition. This VERY RARE roof rack treasure is £SOLD

.NOW AVAILIBLE..- The Guvnor's OWN Mambo bedecked , oversize Thermos trunk. AT 28" long it is a good 6" bigger than the average cooler, with the added bonus of PERFECT Thermos insulation, it easily keeps cool a whole case of beer AND all your food for a weekend. Ali bodied for weight saving & increased thermal efficiency, it carries the odd small ding to emphasize its 40+ years of use, but still has the food tray,both bottle openers, drain cap and retaining chain from new.EXCELLENT all round condition with the benefit of Thermos' Cam Closure lock to ensure a perfect seal EVERY time, we have also left a few of the Boss's unique Mambo sticker collection on to brighten up the outside!...NOW SOLD!

..SIMPLY SUPERB Knapp Monarch Therma Chest from the 50/60s in NOW!
Almost flawless , this baby has a couple of TINY scratches, a miniscule ding to the lid side & NO RUST !! In a classic combination of old gold & cream it still has the original seal in A1 condition & the handle locks TIGHT. Inside it is AS NEW, with the ORIGINAL Knapp bottle opener & food tray , & is super clean; the original drain is, of course , in place. An absolute GEM ..£SOLD!

..- Vintage 50's Coca Cola ribbed steel cooler with Patina! Obviously stored for a long time with little use, this cooler retains all its original features ( model had no tray), inc single latch handle, one bottle opener & vari-depth drain cap, & interior is in very good, dry condition.
Original seal is still intact & locking handle seals lid EXCEPTIONALLY TIGHT. VERY straight, with one minor crease in the lid it has a good smattering of SURFACE rust , but otherwise very little paint loss; logos all intact & bright. Only drawback is a small rust through on the bottom (pic) which DOES NOT penetrate the cooler interior...hence priced at ..£SOLD!

ANOTHER Royal Crown Cola cooler now in the warehouse. A painted Ali trunk with embossed red logos in GREAT nick with no real paint loss & only one, minor, ding. Still has original drain cap & bottle opener; locking handle seals lid TIGHT.Tiny bit of surface rust externally & some to the base that has been cured around perforation . Measuring 18" x 12" x 10, a superb, & once again VERY RARE piece of kit - £120-NOW SOLD!
( more pictures avaiable on request)

Like this SUPERB Cushion-topped SCHMIDT BEER cooler; A particularly rare brand of cooler AND with a padded top!It is in VERY straight , undamaged condition, bar a thin scuff on one end- see photo. The top is completely without tear , scuff or blemish & the colour is still bright & undulled. The simple latch has lost some of the chrome , but both large logos are in complete, unfaded comdition. Handles on each end have a bottle opener underneath & both the original seal & drain cap are in place. One handle has been resited with new screws, which could easily be replaced with ali rivets, but works absolutely fine as is , & does not detract form the coolers' aestetics. This VERY CLEAN Gem is a snip at ..£SOLD! (WITHIN 2 HRS!)

..and THIS FANTASTIC early ali 7up cooler. ABSOLUTELY arrow straight with NO dings or rust (!) it has the early embossed 7up logo, in excellent condition, on both long sides. Both lid & base are also STRAIGHT, FLAT & WITHOUT INDENTATION. It still has the original seal in great nick, along with the drain cap, chain AND drainage tube, that is so often missing. Bottle openers on each end beneath the dual handles & locks that seal this beauty airtight.The only minor deterioration is slight water staining at one end where there are also a couple of scuffs which will most likely buff out. £SOLD!!

..Another batch of ali trunk coolers NOW IN- Including THIS Western Field cooler in SUPERB condition. With NO DENTS, a TINY bit of paint loss from the logo & a couple of scuffs, this has survived remarkably well. It still has its original stopper attached by the chain,bottle opener on one end, the folding divider inside & the original rubber seal, still in great working order.Measuring 18" x 12" x 10" & totally undamaged at ..£SOLD

..a couple of Coke coolers , one ribbed with SUPERB Patina, the other smooth, obviously restored, with food tray...BOTH NOW SOLD

JUST IN - a LOVELY 'little' Pleasure Chest-17"x14"x12"- in EXCELLENT condition. With superb original seal, handle locks lid airtight.Still has original drain cap & chain & bottle opener behind handle. NO RUST ,NO DINGS, just a few little paint scrapes..let the pictures tell the story..£$OLD!

..NOW IN -The ultimate in rarity! A Royal Crown Cola cooler in VGC! It has taken us a very long time to procure one of these & this example is EXCELLENT. OK, so it has a little paint loss & a tiny bit of surface rust, BUT it is COMPLETE. It is a flat handle model & still retains its original bottle opener, drain plug & chain; inside is the original food tray & the lid is still in fully-sprung undepressed state. There is only one small, noticeable ding to the top of one face.
Please mail to secure...ONLY £SOLD -the Arctic Circle! (sold in a day!)..

..1960's ribbed aluminium Pepsi trunk in VGC. Lovely straight sides & HAS NOT been sat on ! Original stopper & bottle opener still in place along with EXCELLENT original seal & spring lock.Has some water staining internally & will benefit from a good clean ; has a couple of little dings & only flaw is that the lock decal is slightly tatty....£SOLD!

..Like this VERY GOOD post-51 Pepsi progress cooler. A flat handle model with excellent straight sides, bright paint & clear logos. It has MINIMAL paint loss & the only ding is a pressure dent to the lid ( which pops out, of course);with bottle opener & original stopper outside & completely clean inside , but with no tray ; NOW SOLD!..

..Simply Superb late 40's/early 50's Coca -cola Tall boy with integral tray. This EXTREMELY RARE model not only features the extra 3 " depth, but also the original food tray which attaches to the inside of the lid, & simply slides off. EXCELLENT all round conditon includes super-straight sides, with NO denting & the very minimum of paint loss. With the original drain plug intact the last remaining feature is a unique detail to the base ; an embossed Coca-cola logo allows the name to be left behind as an imprint when the cooler is stood on sand, earth, etc.
Just SUPERB- at £SOLD!

..Now in, this 1950's Ali Pepsi cooler with original baby blue detailing .
In great nick with a couple of minor dings; could do with a good clean, though! Locking mechanism is exceptional , firm & hard & the lid fits tightly, despite some of the original seal missing. The lid HAS been sat on , but thanks to the original ribbed crocodile skin finished lid , it has taken to the task well. Due to these minor imperfections the price is only SOLD!

..& Like this LOVELY early ali Pepsi trunk with RED detailing & ribbed top; minor indentation, but NO denting to the sides.Both locks seal securely & it comes with the original sandwich tray & stopper. An EXCELLENT example of this rare, RED logo'd cooler for only £SOLD..

..and Like this 60's Coke cooler, ali trunk in AMAZING condition. Hardly used it suffers from a light water stain to the lid & drain plug area inside, & two small, light dings to one side ( see pic)- OTHERWISE AS NEW!-Check out the pics; this baby is cherry & COMPLETE- includes tray AND rare drainage tube. Handles are still untarnished!..£this rare minter SOLD!..

..NEW IN - 1950's Progress 7up cooler is good, used condition, with a smattering of Patina. No major denting (small one to lid),a few scratches & a tiny bit of surface rust, otherwise straight & solid. Pictures show all..£SOLD!

..Lovely red & white 'Camp Cooler' in VGC; Tiny bit of paint loss, but no other damage & NO RUST. Not dissimilar to an Airline cooler in appearance & size, it measures 16"x 11"x 11" & has a good seal. A rare alternative to Coca cola-£SOLD

..NEW IN ..60's Thermaster ribbed ali chest with plastic lining.In FANTASTIC condition all round, VERY clean interior with PERFECT seal, only one TINY ding to the front. All usual equipment in place , stopper , bottle opener etc , AND an excellent locking seal...VERY nice -£SOLD!

..2 Gal Aluminium Poloron Thermaster water jug with ribbed finish externally & perfect white plastic interior; also comes with original cup. Spout turns & acts as tap; all plastic work in wood effect-NO RUST! ..NOW SOLD!

..Now for sale this Royal Crown cooler In SUPERB condition with NO DENTS OR PAINT LOSS, this is the smaller , Airline type , from the Fifties; VERY, VERY rare, especially in this condition - let the pics tell the story ..£now sold

..ANOTHER 'Exclusive'! A supremely rare 'Confederate', grey & red, Tallboy Pepsi cooler. Standing 22" high, this 'DoubleDot' dates from before 1951, & so is in remarkable, if well used, condition. With an absolute minimum of paint loss, a modicum of surface rust & a couple of pressure dings ( mostly on the flexible lid) it has obviously been well cared for by previous owners; Surface rust to the base & rim has been treated & stabilised, and is obviously out of sight. Extra capacity allows enough enough food AND drink for two for a weekend....ONLY £SOLD

..also this FANTASTIC 1960s Thermos example. It is very nearly mint, bar one tiny ding in the bottom, which does not affect the cooler at all ( see pic).There is slight yellowing of the interior plastic, but this only adds to the charm; the original food tray is also included.The original two stage clasp is also in place & is completely affective, locking the case air tight. Both original chains are intact, as is the stopper. A SUPERB period accessory...NOW SOLD!

...& this superlative, if small, Kampkold cooler in EXCELLENT condition. Another rarity, this is in completely straight, undamaged condition, with only a couple of marks. Totally effective, if weird , handle arrangement is only external feature...£now a speaker box

.. EXCELLENT 1960's Ali Pepsi cooler with PERFECT padded top . Arrow straight sides, superb firm lock,hinges still stiff, original seal in good condition & drainplug intact.Only minor scuffs outside & inside is spot on, just needing a clean.Bottom has a couple of pressure dings from being put down heavily while loaded. A REAL GEM-the pictures speak for themselves...£SOLD

..MORE Aluminium wonderment! A rare Western Field chest cooler in VGC. NO denting to any of the sides, but with the 'usual' dents to the top from seating & general use. Bottle openers on either end & stopper & chain still in place- seal is excellent & locks both work well.The real plus is it still has its original tray & the interior is perfect ...£SOLD

..As we endeavor to specialise in the most ellusive Vintage American collers, we bring you yet ANOTHER Dr.Pepper cooler. This one is in VERY nice condition with only the modicom of blemishes, paint loss & light dings. It is SUPREMELY straight & rust free & comes with the original tray!Will also include drainage stopper not shown in pics..Obviously quality comes at a price , & we will NOT be letting this go for anything less than £SOLD!..feast your eyes..

..Another EXCELLENT aluminium Pepsi trunk with a BEAUTIFULLY embossed lid, which , for once, has NOT been sat on! The Pepsi logos are also embossed & painted & the sides are straight as a die.There are a couple of light scuffs to the surface, & one tiny ding to the top; once cleaned & polished this cooler will look as new.The lock & seal are tight & sure & there is no indenting to the base...SOLD!


.. this SUPER rare -dare we say 'GEM'- Pearl Beer ali trunk.
In VERY good condition, with the minimum of scuffs , one MICROSCOPIC ding, & obviously NO rust! Embossed logos still bear all their paint; cooler still has its drain plug & comes with the elusive food tray!- check it out from every angle. Very tempted to keep this as a show piece, so only £130 will prise it from our grasp...$old!

.. & Like this Coors Beer , all-ali box cooler, just in from a U.K source. In Very Good condition, with only one small pressure ding to the front upper (see pic), it benefits from an EXCELLENT clasp, triple hinge lid ( with securing chain) and original seals. A VERY rare cooler, in GREAT nick -SOLD!

& this 60s Vinyl covered Coca cola box...£100-NOW SOLD!

LOVELY Dr.Pepper 'tallboy' now in. Plenty of patina, including a 'tide mark' inside, this AWESOME cooler has a couple of minor dings & scratches & a tiny bit of surface rust, but is 100% sound. Totally solid inside, despite surface rusting & still has drainage stopper.Dimensions 12 1/2" x 17 1/2" x 21" (inc handle)..a CRACKER!..£SOLD

..some other, cheaper models available in the Attic...